SUISSE BANK LTD is a Gambian banking institution which does not provide any services to any natural person or legal entity in The Gambia who is not a resident of the Enterprise Zone as well as FINMA regulated services in or from Switzerland.

SUISSE BANK LTD with its operating office under the Enterprise Zone in Banjul offers bank accounts, payment transactions, debit cards, deposits and investment banking.

At SUISSE BANK LTD we offer our services only to the shareholders of our sister company SUISSE BANK PLC and not to the general public.

Our sister company SUISSE BANK PLC provides further products and services in the field of trade finance:

  • guarantees (BG)
  • standby letters of credit (SBLC)
  • documentary letters of credit (LC)
  • proofs of funds (POF)
  • warranties (avals)

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